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About the youth Chamber

The Youth Chamber will bring together young people of ages 13-25 with local businesses through the Witham Chamber of Commerce network, to provide real meaningful understanding of business, jobs, careers and the exciting opportunities that exist in Witham for our young people.

We came up with the idea after we identified that the youth are our tomorrow, and we want to get them on board to find out what they want to do in Witham. We are really keen to find the young entrepreneurs in the town, and this will give them an experience to put on their CVs, being able to say they have worked on business projects. – Tina Townsend

The Youth chamber helps to develop a young person’s understanding of the range of employability skills that employers look for in their future employees.

There will be some tasks for you to undertake during the year that you will be with us, and this will include some media tasks, to have a voice and to develop your ideas, attend chamber meetings.

The Youth committee will comprise of up to 12 young people with a senior member of the senior Chamber Committee available to guide and supervise meetings and events. Opportunities are available for those who wish to become involved in youth projects, such as health and well being initiatives using video, radio and music to gain experience.  Training and work experience will be available.

Witham Youth Chamber
Witham Youth Chamber


  • To support young people in the age group 13 – 25
  • To train and provide advice to help youngsters to prepare themselves for employment or training schemes.
  • To guide younger members and give advice on apprenticeships and volunteering to gain work experience and training.
  • To work closely with other organisations within the district to source business support and aid.
  • To ensure that any young person seeking help gets the help they need to further their work opportunities.
  • To seek support from Witham Chamber of Commerce members,  and other local/district contacts.
  • To work closely with local schools and colleges to encourage further education.
  • To run specific events and training programmes aimed at this age group.

More information on the committee and events to follow soon.

If you feel you are interested in joining the Youth Chamber then please contact:

Youth Chamber – youth@withamchamber.co.uk.