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SET For Business CRM is a powerful and intuitive lead and sales management tool. Go beyond lead management and let SET help you manage, generate and close opportunities.
– Record contact information quickly and securely
– Drag and drop pipelines
– Schedule meetings and call backs
– Track the performance of your sales teams
– UK based


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SET: A case study from Paragon Sales Solutions

“SET For Business is the Rock and Roll of CRMs. A speedy set up and easy to use system enables me to spend more time managing customer relationships and growing my business” – Rob Spence, Managing Director, Paragon Sales Solutions

What system did you use before switching to SET?
Working in sales and helping customers increase their sales I am an avid user of CRM systems. I have used SalesForce, Hubspot, Zoho and Excel. SET CRM has amplified the simplicity of their system in comparison to these and other alternative CRM providers.  SET’s CRM system is user friendly and not complicated. The price point and added value is well suited for an SME with the bonus of no contract and being able to cancel at any time.

How did SET For Business change the way your business works?
I started using SET for my business, Paragon Sales Solutions. I hadn’t anticipated how much I would recommend SET to my customers and quickly saw the benefits that my knowledge of the system would bring to them. It made sense to Partner with SET For Business through their Partner Programme ‘Everyone’s a winner’.  It has made business simpler when customers use the same system as ours.

Now that you’re using SET, how is your sales workflow different?
Our sales have improved since using SET For Business. SET took the data out of my head and recorded it effectively for me and my team to see.  I now spend less time searching through files. The system has helped us to grow and we have recruited more staff to handle the extra work.  Also, we are now achieving higher levels of repeat business.

Are there any specific features that make SET stand out for you?
The interactive maps feature is great for identifying business nearby. Brilliant if planning a day on the road or just wanting to pop in and visit some of your contacts before heading home.

What do you like most about SET?
SET is a simple system to use, the team are approachable, friendly and have time to show you how to make the system work best for you. SET’s Xero integration is also a great feature and saves time.

What are your overall thoughts of SET For Business and would you be happy to recommend?
Working with the SET team is a seamless experience and the system has not only helped us with an immediate performance improvement, it’s also provided us with the platform to take our business to the next level and achieve scalable and sustainable growth.

In conclusion…
We regularly recommend SET to our customers and have enjoyed the mutual benefits of being part of the SET Partner Programme.

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Let us help you work from home with an extended free trial

Working from home is a new experience for a lot of UK businesses, but you do not need to be any less productive –  we would like to help.

SET for Business CRM is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management tool designed for sales teams, working the same whether you are in the office, on a mobile or at home. We help increase connectivity between you and your colleagues, and help you monitor the activities of your team.

We all need a strong economy and fast recovery. Unlike some other CRM providers, we do not offer a “free” package (you are the customer, not the product), but under the current circumstances we will be extending our fully-featured free trial period to 90 days. No contracts, no fees.

We love our customers and work tirelessly to ensure SET is the most useful tool in your kit. We are a UK company based in London, and like you our teams are now also working from home in Warwick, East London, Manchester, Stratford-upon-Avon, Nuneaton, High Wycombe…  We know how this feels, and we know how to make it work.

Sign up today or get in touch for more info.

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SET Scheme Management for Construction & Manufacturing

SET For Business is the simplest CRM software system on the market, helping businesses to grow sales by at least 20%. SET for Business are excited to announce the launch of our new feature ‘Scheme Management’ to SET CRM.

This new feature provides the concrete structure to successfully record information about a group of related projects and opportunities. Scheme Management allows opportunities to be linked together under a single umbrella, including their related contacts, organisations, activities etc.

Scheme dashboards can act as control centres for managing large projects, which may go beyond the scope of a single opportunity or customer.

The opportunity is unique and new to the Construction market. SET have invested time working closely with our customers in the construction and manufacturing industries to produce a strong addition to SET CRM.

Scheme Managers are now able to monitor the performance of their schemes’ opportunities at a glance, track their sales teams’ activities against their scheme targets and maximize scheme value. This will provide tangible benefits such as improving sales performance and controlling costs.

Scheme dashboards draw on data from various parts of the system including:

  • Opportunities (and value projections)
  • Organisations
  • Contacts
  • Notes
  • Activities
  • Custom fields

SET for Business are keen to share this new addition with the construction industry.  If you would like to have a look at SET Scheme Management, please contact us for a free 14 day trial.

With SET for Business, you and your team will be able to plan your day 50% faster than with other CRM providers. For more information about SET for Business’s unique and integrated features such as interactive maps, mobile capability, and insightful reporting please get in touch.

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