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Previously called Texo Drone Survey & Inspection Limited we have now re branded the company as we are simply more than a drone company with the services we can offer by providing a truly integrated survey and inspection solution

Texo DSI is a fully qualified traditional Land and Engineering Survey company as well as owning and operating one of the most advanced fleets of UAVs in the world. We have been granted both extended and enhanced permissions from the CAA which enables us to carry out inspections and surveys where other UAV companies are not legally able. All our pilots and observers are qualified engineers and surveyors prior to gaining their CAA pilots licences to work with UAVs so instinctively know what information they are looking to collect.

The use of UAV collected data alongside traditional survey practices enables us to provide highly detailed information to clients for surrounding areas without having to gain physical access to those locations

Amongst our extensive range of sector associated applications, we provide the following specifically for the building surveying and construction sectors:

• Pre- and Post-demolition Surveys (inc hazardous building inspections)
• 3D Site Survey and Planning
• Structural Dilapidation Survey
• Pre-Site Investigations, Site Progression and Comparative Analysis
• Topographic surveys combining traditional survey and UAV systems for enhanced data collection
• Roof Inspections
• Building Information Model Generation
• Thermal Detection of Heat Loss and Rooftop Water Ingress
• Full Aerial Mosaics of Sites


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