Going on Holiday? Great advice from Essex Police


With the recent spate of burglaries in our town, and with July/August being holiday season for most, we have teamed up with one of the Essex Police Crime Prevention Officers for Essex to help minimise the risks to your home whilst you’re away.

Here are just some of the great ideas that you can do to keep your property secure whilst you’re away:

  1. Check your home insurance cover – Ensure any newly purchased items are covered within your contents insurance;
  2. Install a timer – Put lights on a timer to come on in the evening;
  3. Invest in a TV simulator such as “Fake TV”, or consider leaving a radio on a timer during the day;
  4. Leave curtains and blinds open – Closed or half closed curtains throughout the daytime can make it obvious you’re away!
  5. Mow the lawn before you go away – This will ensure your garden doesn’t look suspiciously un-kept and overgrown;
  6. Don’t forget the postman! – If you are going away for a long period of time, consider signing up to the Royal Mail Keepsafe™ service which will hold your postal deliveries for up to 66 days. This will ensure a pile of post doesn’t collect on your door mat making it obvious you’re away, and if you still have milk delivery cancel that too;
  7. Keep valuable items out of sight – If items are small, consider keeping them in a lockable safe (check the insurance rating is appropriate to that stored within) or hidden out the way. Always leave some “sacrificial jewellery” out in the bedroom; it may prevent the search for your more cherished items;
  8. Don’t announce you’re going on holiday on social media – If you want to share your positive experience with your friends, share it when you get back. You never know who may see your post and consequently research where you live or use that information to facilitate a fraud at your place of work;
  9. Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye out for when you’re away – If your neighbour has more than one car and you have taken yours away, it may be worth asking if they would park on your drive;
  10. Leave a contact telephone number of a key holder with the immediate neighbour if they are not already your key holder;
  11. Unplug all electrical appliances that aren’t on timers – This will save on potential powers surges and energy for items left on standby;
  12. Securely lock all windows, doors, gates, garages and sheds – Do not leave spare keys anywhere in sight;
  13. Remember an address displayed on a luggage label can also tell the thief that you are away;
  14. Make time for a final check – Before you leave make sure you spend the time to walk around your home and garden ensuring its left as safe and secure as possible.

These are just some of the great ideas and tips to keep your property safe and secure. If you have more ideas, why not share them with us in the comments section below.