Protect our River Walk

Bellway Homes are proposing to develop land adjacent to the Town Park in Witham and extend the River View Road to cross a public footpath. They are proposing 78 new homes with 221 bedrooms. This will see an increase of 100 or more new vehicles, all wanting access to Maldon Road and increasing traffic congestion. The area developed will see areas of the River Walk become concrete jungles rather than the tranquil quiet area we all love. Wildlife in the area will be displaced, there is an Otter holt nearby and kingfishers are regularly seen. There will be parts of the walk where instead of a beautiful landscape you will be looking into peoples homes.

They say there will be 30% of affordable home….on Rivenhall Park so called ‘affordable homes’ start from 295k!

At a recent Chamber meeting it was agreed that we would object to this as a group as we feel it is a step too far but we need you as members to show YOUR support against this as our Chamber objection only counts as one vote against; we need you all to object too! There are already over 150 objections which it rising daily but we need you all to support.

Register your objections – today!

The more letters of objection that we can send to people of influence, the better the chance of the Council listening to us. There are 3 ways that you can do this.

  • Write a letter and send it by post.
  • Write a letter and send it by email.
  • Go to the Braintree District Council website and use the ‘Make A Public Comment’ facility.

Objecting via the BDC website …

    1. Click HERE to register your details with the Council.
    2. Activate your registration by following the instructions in their confirmation email.
    3. Once registered and logged in, click HERE to access the Gimsons planning application from Bellway Homes.
    4. Finally, click on the ‘Make a comment’ button situated on the right of the page.

If for any reason the application link on this page does not work, you can access it by searching the BDC website for Reference 18/02010/FUL

More detailed instructions on how to lodge an objection can also be found on the BDC website – HERE

It has been announced that due to the developers not having placed any orange planning notices around the perimeter of the site, which is a requirement by law, BDC has been forced to extend the deadline for objections to December 18th. … So, if you have not yet registered your objections, there is still time.