As you will know we have worked really hard behind the scenes to bring you a fresh new website, one which included the creation of a members directory that would encourage local trade in our town.  Our success may have come at a cost though as it has come to our attention that there has been non-local companies using the information in our directory to make cold calls.

Whilst we cannot force you to trade with a specific company, we want to encourage trading with our members who are all local to us; thus promoting the “Shop Local” ethos which is part of what we stand for.  Remember that trading locally, where possible, will ultimately benefit our town, our local economy and make our town a place to visit, thus boosting trade for all.

We therefore ask simply that, should you be contacted by one of these companies, whatever it is offering, that you consider a chamber member or local company first for such services or products; after all I’m sure if you were overlooked for someone outside the chamber, you too would be very disappointed.

On a positive note, we are really pleased to note our website is doing its job well and promoting you all, which was our ultimate goal and we hope you see benefits over the coming months.

Ultimately it is your decision but we hope you understand our concerns and consider your fellow chamber members first.