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About the Witham chamber networking group

We are a small but very effective group of business owners and representatives based in the Witham and Dictrict area.

We proactively learn about and refer each other’s business and are committed to growing our membership base. We are looking for like-minded individuals who are serious about growing their business to join us and make, what is becoming a very powerful networking group, even stronger.

We’ve created this group due a growing demand for likeminded businesses to meet and work together and I’m really proud of the group as members and guests have already started to see the benefits! – Tina Townsend

Typically, each meeting brings together 15+ professionals, tradespeople and business entrepreneurs, and over time we build a trust and understanding in each other, to the point that we feel comfortable exchanging introductions and recommendations.

The Witham Chamber network group is completely independent, and unlike some other networking groups there is no pressure to pass referrals (experience tells us that business will happen naturally!), and you’re just as likely to find suppliers, business partners and friends as new clients.

Witham Youth Chamber
Witham Chamber Networking Group

If you run your own business or work in a local business in these areas why not come along and say hello – it would be lovely to meet you.


  • To support local businesses and encourage local trading;
  • To bring local businesses together to learn, communicate and encourage;
  • To help build a support channel for business owners and like-minded individuals;
  • To introduce businesses to the benefits of the chamber;
  • To better understand what local businesses need to succeed.

If you feel you are interested in joining the Witham Chamber networking group then please contact:

Nikki Sears – networking@withamchamber.co.uk