EBM Managed Services Group

EBM Managed Services Group

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Most organisations do not have the time, staff or expertise to monitor or manage their print outgoings. Ink, toner, wasted paper and productivity loss during downtime all contribute to high printing costs. By not implementing an effective print management strategy, businesses are losing time and money on a daily basis.

Managed Print Services (MPS) is our core offering at EBM and can help your business to uncover the hidden costs of printing, providing a strategy to ensure costs remain low without compromising efficiency. As part of this print strategy, we are able to manage and optimise your print infrastructure – saving your company money while improving productivity.

Our free, no obligation print audits are the first step in discovering how Managed Print Services can help your business to save money. Regardless of business size or requirements, our solutions are flexible and scalable.

How does a Managed Print Service benefit a business?

There are a number of ways Managed Print Services (MPS) can benefit your business:

  • Ensure maximum uptime
  • Monitor your print spend
  • Automatically reorder consumables
  • Lower your operating costs
  • Utilise cloud functionality for easy access to documents from a range of devices
  • Provide added security via access methods that best fit your business
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Help reduce costs and control wastage by educating your staff on print policies
  • Reduce your carbon footprint with an eco-friendly fleet


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