With the EU Referendum result in, the majority have decided that it is in the UK’s best interests to leave the EU. We as a committee and as a chamber stand together and ask our members to do the same.

Many of us cast our votes to decide on whether we wanted to stay or leave the EU, and at 10pm the country made its mind up.

As a democratic nation we all have the right to make a choice and we, as individuals, must respect each person’s individual preferences.  As a chamber we call for all members to consider this at a time when emotions are running high and opinions are strong.

What happens now?

This will be new territory for us as a country, a county, a town, as business owners, and as individuals. There will be uncertainties in the coming months, including some challenges, which we will all have to face. There will be those that see the coming changes as good and others see them as bad, but we must remain strong!

We have all worked hard to build our businesses and relationships with other members, and it’s now more than ever as a chamber, we need to stand together.


We strongly support the ‘Shop Local’ ethos; and leaving the EU should not change that, with these uncertainties ahead of us we need more than ever to rely on each others support; we can and must get through it.

Finally, with voting preferences aside, we are aware that there are some members who were in favour of remaining, and who are not happy with the outcome.

It is important to remember that we all had a right to vote yesterday, and everyone has used that right. Therefore let us stand together as a chamber and build on the great relationships that already exist.

Thank you


The Committee