I am delighted to be nominated to be your Chair and I hope I will be a great asset to the Chamber and an ideal candidate as to this role I will bring: A wide and varied range of Business and Retail acumen as I have a High profile professional reputation through my contacts an established Partnership development, excellent marketing and networking skills.
My aspirations for Witham Chamber of Commerce (WCoC) to be known as a dynamic, high profile and independent network for all business around Witham, surrounding area and at the heart of our community, working with businesses of all sizes, and representing all sectors.
Our mission is to make the Witham Chamber network an essential part of growing business and we will do this by sharing opportunities, knowledge and expertise.

We will work to support growing local business, providing companies with practical support, useful connections and valuable access to new ideas and innovations. Even though we’re not for profit, we’re powerfully placed to help those who are, to support our members to access a range of services, networking and support from their Chamber, to help them do business every day.

As a member of a local Chamber, firms can join a unique organisation with a strong campaigning voice for the interests of business in Witham, Braintree, Halstead Feering and Kelvedon, with strong relationships with Witham Town Council and Braintree District Council and our MP Priti Patel and working in partnership with Witham Town Team and Witham Industrial Watch, where we promote pro-growth policies and defend business priorities.
Finally I am a naturally positive forward thinker and always achieved what I set out to do through Partnership development to create high professional profile for local Businesses in Witham and I look forward to the next 12 months.

Corrinne Thompson