We are pleased to be working with Priti on this project. All correspondence should be sent direct to Priti’s office; more information follow the PDF link to her letter and form at the end of this post.

Priti’s message:
Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) are crucial to the British economy. They are crucial as innovators in every sector – whether it’s hi-tech or traditional – as widely different as pharma, telecoms, design and retail . SMEs are the main job creators of the economy. Almost 60% (58.8%) of private sector jobs have been created by SMEs proving they are the backbone of the plan to reduce the deficit. In my constituency of Witham, SMEs form the bedrock of our local economy and they make a tremendous contribution to local communities.

Since 2010 there has been a growth in the number of local businesses and I commend them for working so hard to invest in Witham and create employment for local people. However, I recognise that there is more to be done to make this constituency even more prosperous.

Working with the local Chamber of Commerce, I am delighted to announce I have recently set up a new initiative to visit local business people in my constituency of Witham and discuss any issues they may have, big or small, that are important to them. This is an opportunity for businesses to come and ask any questions, seek advice, and receive support in order to help their business grow by resolving concerns or issues and removing any barriers.

Should you be interested in meeting with me, I have attached a form for you to fill out which can be returned to my office at the above address where a member of my team will be in contact to arrange a suitable time to meet.

I am willing to meet any and every business, big and small, to discuss all matters business related and see how I can help you to realise your full potential